Anka Can Help

Anka is uniquely positioned to advise and assist organizations who are ready to become active leaders in eradicating slavery.

Create a Customized Corporate Program

1) Create corporate Anti-Modern-Day Slavery policy, compliance manual and implementation program templates;

2) Conduct SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) and Gap Analyses of corporate policies, cultures and structures with respect to human trafficking and modern-day slavery;

3) Design customized corporate policy and develop implementation and compliance guidelines specific to various industries or businesses;

4) Assist organizations with their marketing campaigns to advertise the Anti-Modern-Day Slavery Policy  Program.

Corporate Policy Review

Anka recognizes that many organizations may already have existing policies and programs that incorporate human rights policies. Based on Anka’s comprehensive approach, these policies may not address all aspects of modern-day slavery. Anka assists organizations by conducting corporate document and policy review to identify gaps and vulnerabilities with respect to human trafficking and modern-day slavery.