Corporate Action

Anka’s mission, vision and top-down approach focuses on educating and creating awareness within the private sector of the issues of modern-day slavery. Through Anka’s programs and materials, organizations develop their own Anti-Modern-Day Slavery policies and programs.

The movement to eradicate modern-day slavery requires a multifaceted approach, including strong effort exerted by the general public, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, modern-day slavery victims, international organizations, corporate world and many other stakeholders. With or without knowledge or intention, the corporate sector contributes to the victimization of millions of people enslaved today. This places a big responsibility on businesses to take firm and strong action against slavery within and outside of their operations.

Anka strongly believes that the first and most important step for the corporate world to take in the fight against slavery is education and awareness-raising at all levels of corporate structure from the boardroom to the mail room. Anka also believes that business leaders in collaboration with the public, nongovernmental organizations and government agencies can be the champions in eradicating slavery through their corporate policies and operations.

Other existing programs geared towards eradicating slavery promoted by many successful organizations as well as business leaders, currently focus on limited aspects of slavery, such as supply chain, forced child labor or child sexual exploitation, or sex trafficking. While these are extremely important segments of modern-day slavery, in order for businesses to achieve maximum impact on the eradication of slavery, Anka believes that that they must adopt a comprehensive corporate policy that enforces responsible business programs.