Case Study

TeleSolv Consulting Obtains Slavery Free Certification

In December 2014, TeleSolv Consulting, a federal government contracting consulting firm headquartered in Washington, D.C., became the first business entity to obtain a slavery free certification from Anka Rising. Anka is pleased to have assisted TeleSolv, a business leader in the anti-human trafficking movement, in its significant step in the fight against slavery by adopting an Anti-Modern-Day-Slavery (AMDS) policy and compliance guide founded in zero tolerance. Anka congratulates TeleSolv for taking this important step.

The Process

Initially, Anka met with TeleSolv’s management team to understand the company’s business and its goals with respect to developing an AMDS corporate policy. After initial meetings with the management team, Anka drafted a customized corporate AMDS policy that directly related to TeleSolv’s federal government contracting business. TeleSolv is a company that engages a number of consultants and enters into various private and public contracts. In the draft policy, Anka included the relevant legal framework that all entities contracting with the federal government must follow.

In designing the AMDS policy and the implementation program, along with the feedback from TeleSolv’s working group, Anka considered various factors as well as business’s competitiveness, financial and administrative resources prior and after the adoption of the AMDS policy, as well as how to implement the policy and its compliance guide. In TeleSolv Consulting’s case, Anka assisted in drafting a policy that makes TeleSolv compliant not only with federal law, but also with Federal Acquisition Regulation (“FAR”) subpart 22.17, which implements the United States Government’s zero tolerance policy and essentially requires all government contractors to adopt a zero tolerance policy against human trafficking.

Adopting an AMDS policy was important for TeleSolv, as a government contractor, because it not only makes TeleSolv compliant with federal law and federal regulations that adopt a zero tolerance policy against slavery, it makes TeleSolv a leader in the fight to eradicate slavery.

With this experience of drafting an AMDS policy for a government contractor, Anka is ready and able to help all government contractors become compliant with federal law and regulations.