Anka provides advice and technical assistance to entities seeking slavery free certification in the forms of consulting services, facilitation, awareness raising, training and program management. The certification includes creating and designing a customized corporate Anti-Modern-Day Slavery (AMDS) policy, compliance manual and awareness training program. Anka assists businesses and organizations during the process of creating a clear, concise and customized AMDS policy. Once an entity engages  Anka’s assistance to obtain slavery free certification, Anka meets with the  entity’s management team or working group to learn its business structure and evaluate the entity’s goals of developing a clear and concise policy that all of its stakeholders can understand.  After learning about the entity’s business and goals, Anka assists in preparing a draft policy and compliance program that is both in alignment with the entity’s business sector, structure and goals, while at the same time standing firm on zero tolerance against human trafficking and modern-day slavery in accordance with the U.S. and international laws.  Anka then meets with management and/or the working group to review the drafts and receive and provide feedback.  This process may take multiple meetings and drafts until the entity’s management team is satisfied and an AMDS policy, advocating freedom and human rights is completed.

To learn more about adopting a corporate policy, please contact us at info@ankarising.org.