Without knowledge and understanding of the implications of slavery within and outside of an organization, acceptance by business leaders and accountability for all employee levels, policies and programs cannot be successfully rolled out within an organization.

Anka believes that private and public enterprises play a crucial role in the fight against modern-day slavery.  By designing and implementing strong corporate responsibility policies and programs, every private enterprise, small and large, can have a meaningful impact on eradicating slavery.  Anka advocates the adoption of clear and concise anti-modern-day slavery (AMDS) corporate policies and provides advice and technical assistance to public and private institutions to design and implement AMDS corporate policy and programs.

AMDS corporate policy outlines a business’s zero-tolerance approach to modern-day slavery in its social and economic footprint.  It communicates the business’s policies and procedures for combating modern-day slavery to its clients, employees, suppliers, and stakeholders, while holding the entity accountable.  AMDS corporate policy is not only ethical business but also smart business.  Anka works with individual entities to customize their zero-tolerance AMDS corporate policy to ensure that it is effective as a tool in combating modern-day slavery while also being aligned with their other policies, procedures and their market space.

While working with its partner entities in designing and implementing AMDS corporate policies, Anka adopts what is known as a top-down approach, geared towards educating the management of entities and working with these working groups to raise awareness about the crime and the impact of modern-day slavery, and its social and economic consequences.  Anka believes that institutions, particularly businesses carry a significant impact on changing the course of the anti-slavery movement by educating their employees, being accountable of their business and disseminating information about slavery to their communities.  Corporate policies when adopted properly, founded on zero-tolerance against slavery and human-trafficking, and being in accordance with anti-slavery laws and protocols can be most effective to give direction and ability to institutions to be leaders in anti-modern-day slavery movement.

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