Co-Founder & President

Banu Demiralp, Co-Founder and President


Banu Demiralp is the Co-Founder of Anka Rising (“Anka”). In her capacity as Chair of the Board of Directors and the President of Anka, Ms. Demiralp leads the organization’s programmatic work and its strategic operations. Her research in modern-day slavery includes the effects of clear and concise anti-modern-day slavery corporate policy and practices on the reduction of slavery; and the impacts of shuttle trading in developing and post-conflict economies on human trafficking.

Previously, Ms. Demiralp served as the Vice President of Operations and Global Membership Liaison of the World Future Society (“WFS”), where she was responsible for all aspects of daily and strategic operations of the WFS as well as supporting relationships, outreach and development of the organization’s global membership. Prior to joining WFS, she served in the development department of a global nonprofit, assisting in member-relations of high-level donors, and as an international trade and development consultant. An analyst with over 10 years of experience, her selective work includes assistance in anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations, U.S. customs matters, as well as monitoring and evaluation of foreign investment and international development projects, particularly in developing economies. Ms. Demiralp is also the founder and CEO of a consulting company offering research analysis services to public and private enterprises.

Ms. Demiralp received her M.S. in Peace Operations Policy from George Mason University’s School of Public Policy and her B.A. in History from Hope College, and is a member of the Women in International Trade. Contact at