About Us

Anka Rising (“Anka”), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, was co-founded by Banu Demiralp and Janna Lipman in 2011. Anka’s mission is to provide an effective and collaborative platform for private enterprises, governments, and non-governmental organizations to work collaboratively to combat and eradicate modern-day slavery. The organization’s programmatic work focuses on creating awareness in and educating the private sector on slavery and the impact these organizations may have on the approximately $32 billion illegal industry. Anka’s leadership bring their expertise in corporate, law, social policy, research, and evaluation of human trafficking to organizations with which they collaborate.

Anka Rising proposes an innovative approach to the way corporations and organizations can become actors in the fight against slavery.  Anka’s method includes a top-down approach whereby management adopts a clear and concise corporate anti-modern-day policy. As part of its corporate policy program, Anka provides organizations and companies, compliance and implementation materials and advice that would complement the corporate anti-modern-day slavery policies. In this process, Anka enlists key management members from public and private institutions to lead the efforts on the development of corporate anti-modern-day slavery policy and programs.

Anka offers a certification process for companies to demonstrate their commitment to the eradication of slavery through their corporate policies, corporate social responsibility programs, and operations that are “free” of slavery.  Anka will provide companies with the “slavery free” logo to add to company materials once approval is received.